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Leen Kawas on Actionable Steps for Women in Biotech to Break the Glass Ceiling in Leadership

The glass ceiling has become a notorious metaphor in the press in recent years for the way that upward mobility of women and other minorities in their professions has been restricted. And the numbers don’t lie. Women only make up29.1 percent of the chief executives in the workforce, and only 8.2 percent at Fortune 500 companies. Not only that, women born in 1985, for example, can expect to learn10 percent less than their male counterparts, even in cases where their school is equivalent or exceeds male figures.


Advocate and prominent biotech business CEO Leen Kawas weighed in on this topic, sharing that she believes it is up to members of the biotech community and the strong women who operate in it to begin to make change. In order to do this, Kawas, who is the General Managing Partner of Propel Bio Partners and former founder and CEO of Athira Pharma, recommended four key strategies that can help with surpassing the limitations placed on women in the industry.


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