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Dr. Leen Kawas Describes The Microbiome of Babies and Its Multigenerational Applications

Dr. Leen Kawas delves into the microbiome of babies, and ways in which key discoveries can be implemented across multigenerational applications.

Today's rapidly evolving biotechnology arena is sparking multiple promising ventures. On February 17, 2023, Leen Kawas, Ph.D. appeared on the Angel Invest Boston podcast, hosted by Sal Daher. Dr. Kawas delved into Propel Bio Partners' mission and shared insights on "The Microbiome of Babies." This intriguing subject is the focus of the company's partnership with venture capital client Persephone Biosciences.

Dr. Leen Kawas began by discussing Propel Bio Partners' mission. "Basically, Propel Bio Partners is a life science investment firm. We invest in both private companies and public companies where we see their significant upside and management teams and science that we believe in. We evaluate probability of success for upcoming catalysts or long-term success of the company and the programs that they're running.


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